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 Daario Naharis  

NAME: Daario Naharis 
BORN: Mid 2017 
STATUS: Stud 2018, FOR SALE 
Daario is my first imported cat who is a lovely chatty boy. 
Our French Boy has given us some Fantastic Offspring to work off. 
For anyone wanting a bold character Daario is a perfect companion. 
He is intelligent and Does Tricks when asked especially if there's a treat reward. 
We have a 26ft x 10-ft play enclosure.  
Daario grips on the top of it , crawls upside down to find the chicken wings I throw over!! Daario as a pet will be like a pet dog, would be distructive if ignored.. But given the Right Guardian will bring tears of laughter. 
No questions...he is a higher mantanance Bengal, more fun.. 
New photos and videos will show soon. 
When rehoming any young cats from our breeding program it is So important to get it right first time. 
Unfortunately if we feel it's wrong for my cat the sale will Not move forward, 
This is no reflection on you but my cat. There will be other cats I can offer in due course. My biggest worry is getting it wrong and a cat that has made a change in the Bengal World just being thrown pillar to post because of a quick sale! 
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