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bengal cats
NAME: Amber 
BORN: 2016 
GENDER: Female 
STATUS: Active Queen 
Amber is the daughter of Charlie and Lincoln. 
She has been a sheer delight to have as a companion around the house. She is a higher maintenance Bengal always looking for a way to be the centre of attention. 
She charges around the house wherever I go doing full speed handbrake stops just to get an extra tickle. 
Amber is not only a great pet but a fabulous mother, she only leaves her babes when she needs her litter box and will demand her food is brought to the kittens nest rather than leave them even for a few moments. 
Amber has produced some outstanding kittens that have gone onto other breeding programs as-well as my own. 
More photos of Amber will be added soon. 
ginger bengal
bengal kittens Manchester
bengal cat in the sun
bengal photos
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