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 Bengal Kittens for Sale 

Our Bengal kittens all have fabulous temperaments and make excellent pets or for breeding/shows to loving homes as they are reared inside the home from day one. These kittens are available to cat lovers who want a cat that is different, stunning and very special. These wonderful cats are for people who can devote time and the financial commitment to caring for them properly. 
Please note No kittens will be offered for breeding /show unless we truly believed worthy or this high status. 
New Era Bengal kittens are usually priced at £750 - £1,300 as pets and £1600 - £3500 for breeding /show, depending on the quality/ bloodlines. A non-refundable or transferable deposit of 50% of the cat's value is requested to secure the kitten of your choice as a pet or for breeding. All deposit will be applied towards the final price of the kitten. Our prices are comparable to other authentic and reputable breeders.  
We do use photo editing software due to British weather. We present all kittens and cats as we truly believe they look. We don't waste Our or Your time coming to see a cat that has been glamorised. 
All kittens will be micro chipped and pedigree paper will be given when vets proof of alteration is given unless bought as part of a breeding program.  
If you are interested in purchasing one or more of our kittens please contact us to discuss your requirements. If you do not see what you are looking for, please browse through our previous kittens, Gallery Page to give you an idea of what you may wish for and we will bring the suitable kitten to your attention. 
NO PET, especially Bengals should be bought impulsively or as surprise gifts! Please consider seriously and ask yourself, are you willing to be a life time companion / carer for a Bengal Cat? If you are looking for a Friend a Bengal will be perfect, but only provided it's mutual relationship. Always buy a Bengal kitten based on the life you can give it, not it's looks.  
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Our Kittens 

DOB: APRIL 2018 

Our Retired Bengal Cats 

BORN: 2017 
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