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(1) We aim to have our kittens with you by the age of 12-14 Unfortunately, back-pedalling often leaves kittens at a less desirable age looking for a forever home, hence deposits are Non-Refundable Under Any Circumstances !! Under Only Exceptional Circumstance do we consider refunds, on most occasions if seemed worthy we Might contribute funds paid toward another kitten. This is strictly to the discrection of N.E.B. and wise not place a deposit if uncertin! All forms of deposit comply to the above mentioned. 
(1a) Interest deposit (£25) can be placed. This gives you (in order of receipt) , choice of kittens to become available.  
You will be sent all coverage of kittens before they go live on my website and in order of received. 
The interest deposit will be considered as part payment towards final payment of kitten bought. 
We then offer a Watsapp service ( about 6 - 8 weeks old), to help you confirm your desied kitten.  
Delay at this point could jeoparise your choice / priority. 
No refund on interest deposits are given but change be held on future kittens. 
Due to serious interest we would start accepting 50% deposit of total cost that woud not be revoked unless.. 
The unlikely situation could be parent/s of the kitten were indangered.  
We only breed from the Worlds Best so if the unlikely happens.... 
We Must (by contract) protect the hard work put in and bring back lines to progress the Bengal Kitten. 
Currently, this is something I have not had to go through. 
Should this situation arise New Era Bengal Kittens would offer a No Quibble (24hour) , Full refund with deepest apologies. 
Should you wish to have another one of our kittens under these circimstance a 10% discount would be applied. 
(2) We require a 50% holding deposit on all our kittens.  
Deposits placed via website interest must be received within 24 hours of verbal reservation agreement, unless international sales, in which case it is 72 hours or the kitten’s status will revert to available. 
(3) All kittens are bought via website or home visits, deposit receipts will be received will be sent via email. 
(4) Kittens must be collected 1 week after final veterinary procedures are completed or a daily charge (£5.00) will be applied and paid before kitten is given. In the unlikely event, the kitten has an adverse reaction to veterinary treatment, the kitten will be held until Completely Recovered at no extra charge. Should the kitten need to stay for more than 28 days an alternative kitten of the same value. No refund would be offered. 
(5) All kittens bought as pets must be neutered or spayed by 6 months of age, failing to do so will forfeit the kitten's TICA Registration and Pedigree Paper. 
(6) As a new pet owner, it is your responsibility to have your kitten registered at your local veterinary surgery for a health check within 72 hours of purchase.  
Within this period your kitten should be kept indoors away from all other pets. Failure to do so will have no liabilty on New Era Bengal Kittens. 
(7) All kittens bought on the active register must be neutered or spayed before re- homing. Failure to do so will result in court procedures.  
(8) All kittens bought as pets must neutured or spayed before the kitten is 5 months old or paperwork will not be given, unless vetarinary evidence suggest ill health to the kitten. 
(9) In the unlikely event that you wish to return a kitten, there will be no refund offered on that kitten. However, an exchange will be considered for another kitten with a 50% reduction of the initial kittens cost. 
(10) By placing a deposit you are agreeing to the above and effectively enter a binding contract agreement. 
11) NO kitten or Cat will be held on on Good Will under Any Circumstances! 
Please note all our kittens are vet checked and approved to be in good health at least 2-4 times before leaving for their forever homes. All our kittens come with four weeks free insurance and we recommend all new owners continue with PetPlan Insurance for any unforeseen injuries or illnesses. 
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