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Due To work commitments, I am not always able to answer my phone. Please contact us using the contact form below. We will endeavour to reply within a few hours but on the odd occasion it may be up to 24 hours. 

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Mobile No: 07488 313182 

If you want to book a viewing, we live approximately a 20 minute drive away from Manchester airport. Deliveries can be arranged provided travelling costs and a holding deposit are paid before the journey is made. Please call for more information. 
Please do not call between 9pm and 10am, but please feel free to contact us via the contact form below. Also, withheld numbers will not be answered. 
Please Note: When enquiring about our kittens, please tell us a little about yourself (and where you live, what you want from your cat, have you any other cats? etc.), rather than just 'We are looking for a kitten, please give prices and details of deposit etc'. This should enable us to deal with and respond to your email much more quickly, as we can eliminate time-wasters more easily. A lot of time and money go into the welfare of our kittens and it is our up-most priority that they go to suitable homes. 
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