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Hello, we have been breeding cats for more than two decades and no other breed has quite captivated us as much as this outstanding natured cat. Based approximately 20 minutes’ drive away from Manchester airport, we specialise in breeding Brown/Black and Seal Lynx Doughnut/Rosette Bengals. Most kittens are available as special pets or occasionally for Bengal Breeders. 
As a dedicated breeder, we can give each kitten all the individual care it needs. All of our Bengal queens and our Bengal stud are pure bred and are of superb type, temperament and quality. 
All of our Bengal kittens live indoors with us and are part of our family and are raised with plenty of love and care. The only time they are caged is when travelling to visit the vet. Kittens are generally born in a bedroom of Mums choice, where she can keep a watchful eye on them. At five/six weeks old they are gradually introduced to our other cats. Our Mums stay with their babies right up until our kittens go to their new loving homes at 12-14 weeks old. 
All our cats are TICA (The International Cat Association) registered. Our kittens are also fully vaccinated, insured and vet checked at least twice before leaving. On leaving we will also provide one months free insurance. All parents are screened for known genetic conditions within the breed, specifically PK deficiency and PRA.  
By bringing up kittens indoors, we are able to closely monitor every kittens’ health and have the enjoyment of learning about each kitten as an individual character, ensuring the best match can be made for their forever homes. Our kittens are well accustomed to household noises and in addition they quickly learn human behaviour, so moving the kittens to their new family is a lot easier. 
Snow Bengal Cat
Bengals are highly intelligent and considered as a high maintenance breed, this simply means they like companionship, affection, fun filled play time and toys available to entertain themselves. We set aside at least 3 half hour play sessions a day and when passing a kitten or cat, always give a stroke or tickle around the ears. Due to having only a few restricted areas in our home, kittens and cats are always welcomed to snuggle up with us on the sofa, or beds. Our restricted areas are kitchen and bathroom due to doors being no challenge for them to open and swipe whatever they fancy from cupboards or toilet rolls being shredded, not to mention all the obvious chemical etc. dangers within both rooms. 
Outstanding bengal cat
Our adult cats have an outside entertainment centre that includes plenty of fun packed toys for them to enjoy, which also keeps them active and healthy. Here, we can give them a normal life and keep them safe from street activity like car accidents, theft and disease. 
Being no ordinary cat, a well brought up Bengal kitten will bring laughter, love and entertainment to the whole family. They will play fetch, hide and seek, splash around in water, hitch a ride on your shoulders, pounce on the broom and will leave you questioning their logic with their mischievous and inquisitive behaviour. They are also some of the most agile cats you will ever see and their acrobatics are a joy to watch. Unlike common cats, Bengals can also be trained and are generally suitable for people who are allergic to cats. They also get along very well with dogs. 
Full of energy and love, life with a Bengal is simply never dull. Just imagine your very own mini Leopard Cat in your living room! 
If you would like to arrange a visit to see our beautiful Bengal cats and kittens, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
To make an enquiry or to arrange to visit one of our beautiful Bengal kittens, please do not hesitate to get in touch 
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