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Introducing the Bengal Kitten 

Are you looking for a Bengal Kitten to join your family? 
Let me tell you about the beautifully unique Bengal Cat. 
Here are some useful things to think about and the reasons why you’ll love your new Bengal kitten. 

The character of the Bengal Cat 

Your new Bengal Cat needs your time. 
They want your attention – and will ‘ask’ loudly for it if they think you’re ignoring them. They are energetic and love to be entertained. 
They climb, they explore, and they are playful around water. They will easily reach high shelves and will get into your cupboards.  
They will follow you around the house and want to be involved in whatever you’re doing. 
Highly intelligent and affectionate, you’ll find the Bengal Cat easy to train and a character who will make you smile every day. 
They need your companionship as much as you want theirs. 
cute bengal kitten
A Bengal Cat is not for you if you want a laid-back cat to sit in your lap. But if you and your children want a cat with personality and affection, who will enjoy play-time with you and become part of your family, you’ll find the Bengal Cat an adorable feline companion. 

The beauty and appearance of the Bengal Cat 

With its distinctive markings, muscular build and hind legs slightly longer than the front ones, the Bengal Cat has an endearingly wild appearance. 
A lush, dense and soft coat with leopard-like spots give the Bengal Cat grace along with its broad head, wide eyes and high cheekbones. The coats of some Bengals appear to have a dusting of gold or pearl known as glittering. 
Bengal kitten for sale

Ancestry of the Bengal Cat breed 

The Bengal cat descends from the Asian Leopard cat. In the 1970s, Californian Jean Sugden Mill was breeding Asian Leopard hybrids.  
Jean was the first person to cross breed a wild cat (the Asian Leopard) with a domestic cat and these descendants went on to become the Bengal cat, taking the name from the Latin: Felis Bengalensis. 
Always buy from a registered and reputable breeder who provides the best possible care and advice about the health of the Bengal Cat.  
Their expected lifespan is 14-16 years. 
Please get in touch for further help and advice. We’re happy to answer all your questions about the Bengal Cat. 
To make an enquiry or to arrange to visit one of our beautiful Bengal kittens, please do not hesitate to get in touch 
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